Possible reviews

“The world of Man-Flag Shandy brings with it the same dichotomy of response that monochrome painting brought to the Russian art scene in the early 20th century. That is, it either represents nothing but itself and could easily have been created by a child, or it is frankly the most clear depiction of multidimensional (infinite) space that the world has ever seen.”

“Unfortunately, Man-Flag Shandy has completely misunderstood the zeitgeist of which it is claiming to be a part. Expecting the reader to pore over every page to find an obscure and ultimately absent meaning is, even if intended, a type of depth that is both tedious and staggeringly un-cool.”

“A slate this lacking of any true content, is a step backwards from even the most neonate tabula rasa.”

“Man-Flag Shandy is either shit, or good in a way that no-one really cares for.”

“Having absorbed the world of Man-Flag Shandy I am left entirely vacant inside and now rely solely on a faint hope that something of any true worth will swiftly move in.”

“It’s sort of admirable to see laziness passed off as creative reasoning.”

“‘Portion 1’ of Man-Flag Shandy is a strange mix of ‘features’, what the creators have assumed are regular magazine sections, and pages with absolutely no explanation at all. Across the board it is unclear what is to be taken seriously, what is indulgent ‘creative’ nonsense, and indeed what the point is to any of it.”

“Man-Flag Shandy is an exquisite depiction of nothing.”

“The creators’ clear intention to ridicule ‘the modern and hip magazine’ fails immediately with the magazine’s in-born assumption that people will actually take the time to read it.”

“The writing is invariably creative, and the design surely adds pace, but ‘creative’ isn’t synonymous with ‘interesting’, and car crashes have pace. Man-Flag Shandy tries so hard to do something different that it does nothing at all.”

“Despite what seems like excruciating effort poured into every page, both what this magazine is, and why it is, remain unclear.”

“Like a confused narcissistic schizophrenic, Man-Flag Shandy attempts to explore various versions of the world but ultimately can’t help but focus on itself.”

“I’m left wondering if the creators ever intended Man-Flag Shandy to be good.”